Posted by: emilyhowardprincipato | October 21, 2009

Response # 5 – “You are what the index says you are”

When reading John Battelle’s book entitled – “The Search” – I honestly never realized the impact that Google had on consumers, media and the world in general.  I use search engines daily, along with about 85 percent of  all Americans that use the Internet, accoording to Batelle.  That is about 107 million people in the United States alone.  That is a lot of traffic and that is a lot of searches for one site.

Google is taking over every aspect of the internet.  It helps you when you are lost, if you want to map out a run, you want to search in the blogosphere, you want to buy the most recent product  , or if you are doing research on your company and you want to see what the trends are on your site or for your brand.  Needless to say, Google has taken over the Internet with all of the different applications and products that it offers.  Everytime Google launches something it seems to be a success.  With all of the rave about  the new Google Wave, who knows what will happen after that?!  I’m still not really sure what it is, but that is a beside the point….

In “The Search”, I read an interesting case study about Neil Moncrief and his interesting yet not uncommon story of Google.  In short, he launched a website for size 13 and up shoes that became extremely successful with the help of Google and his company being #1 in the natural search results for “big feet”.  Google tweaked its search results algorithms, which is does often, and he was not even in the top 100 search results.  His company started plumeting and it took a lot of hard work, time and money to recover.  That case study just proves the impact that Google has on the economy and on people.

So, should we be scared of Google?  Not yet, in my opinon.  But seeing how much the company has grown and taken over the lives of many in only about a decade, who knows what will happen in the near future.

One overwheliming thing about the search engine is that so many people rely on Google to search for people, you want to have control of what comes up but you are what the index says you are.


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