Posted by: emilyhowardprincipato | October 27, 2009

Response # 6 – What is MMOG?

Honestly, I had to look up what an MMOG was so it proves that I am not very confident in my knowledge of online gaming. 

My gaming experience started back with Nintendo with Mario Brothers.  I was lucky (aka spoiled) enough to have the gun and the power pad.  At the time, that was the most interactive you could get with gaming.  Oh, how times have changed…

I do own a Wii and have an avatar that looks like me, however I don’t play much at all.  I like the game, but I don’t make the time to play but I do see how people can get consumed with the games.

Now, with all the new technologies, there are tons of online gamesSecond Life and World of Warcraft being the most popular right now.  According to Alexa, World of Warcraft has a Traffic Rank of 310 and Second Life has a Traffic Rank of 2,160, which is still really high.

I think it is fascinating that companies now are developing more applications for online gaming and incorporating them into their PR and Marketing efforts.  With all of the free software out there, I can’t believe people are paying to play these games. 

To be completely honest, I am anxious to learn more about the MMOG because I have no experience with them, nor do I know anyone who plays on a regular basis.  I will probably have more to say once we take a look at some of the specific games and who plays them and how.



  1. A lot of of guys talk about this issue but you said some true words.

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