Posted by: emilyhowardprincipato | November 4, 2009

Social Media is WIDE open.

I found the Open Source blog extremely applicable to what I has been going through my mind all semester in my Social Media class. 

The internet is scary.  Nothing is behind closed doors.  Everything is exposed.  You can’t erase anything when it has been published on the internet. 

There is such pressure now, especially in the PR world, to be a “social networker” and be “social media savvy”.  There is also a huge amount of pressure to control your reputation online and manage what is being said about you.  There is such a fine line between being credible and influential within the social media landscape and putting “too much” information out there.

People see social media as lack of control, which is true to some extent, (especially for companies and organizations) however, you can control what information YOU put out there.  Twitter,  FacebookmyspaceLinkedIn – they are all top for social media networking sites that are growing in popularity and increasing their traffic all the time.  Millions of people have profiles and access to these sites so you need to stand out – but not in a negative way or that is embaressing. 

Obviously people do not have control of what people say about them over the internet but they do have control of how they portray themselves on the internet.  If you are going to have profiles in social networks and if you want to participate in the online conversation, then you need to realize that everything is fair game that is put out there. 

Lack of control.  Millions of people on these social networking sites.  Putting yourself out there in a positive light.  So the big question is “so what”? 

I have learned a lot in my Social Media class and have had many realizations during the readings, however, the thing that I have found most surprising is the lack of privacy.  It was probably when we were discussing Google where I realized that they have complete access to all of my gmail and that they have records of everything I have searched for.  Or, maybe it was when we were discussing Facebook having the rights to ALL of my content that is published on the site.

The main thing I want to stress is how unbelievably accesible you are in the internet.  That is what I has been most surprising this semester.  Just remember – you can’t control what is put out there about you but you can control what information you put out there.



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