Posted by: emilyhowardprincipato | November 11, 2009

Let’s source some crowds!

I recently learned about the whole “crowdsourcing” model and in my novice opinion, it is going to continue to get more popular.  Companies are going to realize they can pick between a lot of options instead of issuing an RFP to a couple of large agencies.  But the big question is – is the quality of the work still going to be there?

Peperami Ad

Recently, Unilever and their Peperami and has dropped their ad agency, Lowe, a relationship of 16 years.  Unilever has decided to turn to a different route and is using Idea Bounty, a social think tank,  for their new ad campaign.  This is a great example of crowdsourcing and where some companies are going.  So, the client, Peperami, will give a brief to Idea Bounty, who will post it on their site, and then everyone who wants to, and has a decently creative mind, will be able to post ideas for a new high-profile ad.  I wonder how much Idea Bounty  is getting from this?  Even though the Unilever/Peperami brief is worth $10,000, they are still saving a ton of money crowdsourcing. 

Other large clients that have worked with Idea Bounty have been BMW and the winner was Gary Willmont who won a bounty of $3,000 and BMW used his idea.  Kenneth Choong wins the WWF  brief and $1,500.  Talk about exposure!

There is a lot of controversy surrounding crowdsourcing.  Is it ethical?  Will it be the way of the future?  Are companies ready to take that risk?  Does it put companies in more control to their ad campaign?  Does it give the small fish in the big pond the opportunity to gain exposure for themselves and their agencies?

I am anxious to hear more case studies.  It will be interesting to see what the future of crowdsourcing holds and how it will impact successful Advertising Agencies. 

Oh yeah – that random stick in the picture is currently the Peperami animal that their building the campaign around.



  1. Crowdsourcing seems like a boon for big businesses if they are willing to take the risk. $3,000 from the multi-million dollar BMW-great plus for exposure but there still seems to be a premium on institutional marketing. I am a little suspect of major companies using crowdsourcing for marketing ideas for this reason. It makes me wonder at what point if at all will there be more equity between service and compensation.

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