Posted by: emilyhowardprincipato | November 18, 2009

C’mon Fortune 100 companies…haven’t you heard what all this Twitter is about?

Weber Shandwick did a recent study on Fortune 100 companies and their need for a Twittervention.  The study contains a lot of good stats about brands and their lack of presence on Twitter.

The results of the study have been in PR Week, BizReport and Social Media Insider.  There are over 20 million people on Twitter in the U.S. and 50 million world-wide.  I think everyone agrees that there is no excuse for Fortune 100 companies not to have an engaged profile and presence on Twitter.



Interesting statistics from the study:

  • 73% of Fortune 100 companies have registered accounts
  • 76% of those don’t post tweets very often
  • 52% of those were not actively engaged
  • 50% of Fortune 100 companies have less than 500 followers

With the amount of pressure  companies have now to engage with audiences, show ROI and monitor and measure their brand, I’m not sure why they aren’t using this useful (and free) tool to help.  It is a great place to do case studies, launch products and create a presence in the social media world.

A couple of good suggestions/take-aways from the study of how companies can engage on Twitter:

  • Listen to conversations
  • Participate in conversations
  • Update frequently with valuable information
  • Reply to people who talk about issues that are important to your company
  • Retweet relevant conversations

There is a ton of valuable information in this study and I encourage everyone take a quick look.  If you are in a Fortune 500 company or not, there is a valuable lesson to be learned.  The conversation is happening, you need to be listening.  Kudos to you companies that have been taking advantage of it!



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