Posted by: emilyhowardprincipato | November 22, 2009

Tough to be a Browns fan….

I have been a Browns fan since I was a kid.  There was a hiatus for awhile when Baltimore stole our team, but that is a whole post in itself.  I’m still bitter.

Clearly the Browns fans are frustrated.  This year, the Browns have hit a new low.  We just faced the Detroit Lions and we were both 1-8 going into the game and some have tagged the game Bad Bowl 2009.  Two of the worst teams in the NFL right now were playing head to head to see if one of the teams can salvage their reputation.  I was nervous to see the this game.  The first quarter started great and The Browns were winning 24 -3 at one point.  I thought to myself, “wow, maybe we aren’t such a mess of a team.”  Boy was I wrong.  The Lions came back slowly but surely and with 8 seconds left in the game, we were up by 6 points.  No way.  We aren’t going to lose this game.  We can’t lose to the LIONS!  Oh yes we can.  The Lions scored a touchdown and got the extra point.  Detroit Lions 38 – Cleveland Browns 37.

Thank you Browns.  We are now an embarrassment and Sundays are getting more and more depressing.  I HATE losing and I’m very frustrated.  I am and will always still be a Browns fan, but wow, it is difficult. 

Thanks for letting me vent.  Good thing I’m also a Buckeyes fan!


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