Posted by: emilyhowardprincipato | December 1, 2009

I have information that I want you to know.

I recently edited my first Wikipedia article and while it was a simple process, it proved more difficult than I thought it was going to be.  Maybe because I had to figure out what subject I was an expert on and what information I wanted to share with the world.  What knowledge do I have that isn’t provided on Wikipedia and should be?

As a former varsity tennis player at Ohio State, I naturally plugged in “Ohio State Tennis” to the search field.  I realized that Wikipedia had no search results that related to Ohio State Tennis.  They had pages for Ohio State University, the Big Ten Conference and multiple sports listed on the Ohio State Buckeyes page.  I thought tennis would be a great addition to the sports that are currently listed in the site.  Regardless, I sourced my information and thankfully it hasn’t been deleted yet.

Seeing the inside of Wikipedia was very surprising because I was unaware of all of the coding that went into each entry.  But, they make it easy to actually read the codes and convert them.  This site shows a lot of good stats on how many people edit Wikipedia.  Many people think it is a great source of information.  If these millions of people are editing articles, Wikipedia is doing something right.

There have been some issues and changes to policies but that is why Wikipedia makes it easy for everyone to edit the content.  They try to delete content that is invalid and cite sources so Wikipedia can still be a useful resource for people.  They have easy instructions on how to edit and source pages but it does take some time to read through it.  Since it was my first time to edit a Wikipedia page, it took some reading and practicing, but overall it was a fairly simple process.  One I will do again should I think my knowledge of a subject be published.


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