Posted by: emilyhowardprincipato | December 2, 2009

Social Media = a forum for venting

Oh, the public display of dissatisfaction.  How much easier it has been since the invention of the internet.  A fellow student of mine, Katie, wrote a perfect post about Airtran and the fact that they charge you now to check your bags and how they didn’t call her name at the gate when it was taking off.  She even uploaded a picture of them advertising free coffee which was not even provided. 

Overall, Airtran has received pretty negative feedback from consumers.  I just typed in “airtran sucks” into Google and the words auto-populated because it seems to be a pretty popular search query.  This is just a simple case study of consumers who use the internet to vent.  Everyone does it and companies need to realize that.

This guy (a frequent flyer) even uploaded a video of himself complaining about Airtran…..

A couple of years ago a colleague of mine was renting a car from a well-known car rental company and they were trying to give him a car seat for 4 year olds for his 3 month old – after he already reserved one for infants.  It took over an hour for them to service him and he finally put on Twitter that X company has horrible customer service, etc.  Later, he heard from the company and they offered him a free rental car next time.  This company was already monitoring Twitter a couple of years for them so kudos! to them.

We’ve all heard the case studies about poor service from  Comcast, DellDomino’s – and the list goes on.  Some of these companies have embraced social media and some have fallen short. 

Short lesson that everyone knows right now.  Monitor the conversation online.  It’s happening even if you aren’t.  I hope Katie hears from Airtran.



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