Posted by: emilyhowardprincipato | March 23, 2010

the madness that is march…go bucks!

Ok, so after a bit of a hiatus, I decided to start blogging again.  Things have been kind of crazy with school and work but I’m ready to share my thoughts with whoever wants to read them…especially when I have something critical to discuss.  Critical = march madness and THE Ohio State Buckeyes.

I must admit I am an obnoxious Ohio State fan and alumni and damn proud of it.  When I turned in my office pool, they just thought it was hysterical that I had Ohio State going all the way.  And yes, I mean winning the entire thing.  Well, #1, I think it is realistic and #2, I don’t enjoy people laughing at me.

I am in 4 different pools and have OSU winning in all of them and I hate to toot my own horn (honk, honk) but I am doing very very well in my pools thus far.  (I know, I know it’s still early….). 

With some upsets like Georgetown and Kansas, Ohio State has an open road (with a couple of potential bumps) to the Final Four.  But, let’s not get carried away and just focus on one at a time here folks.  Friday we play Tenn and it looks like our chances are pretty good.



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