Posted by: emilyhowardprincipato | January 24, 2011

The last year in one post…

I know, I know.  It’s been about a year.  My last post is about how I’m going to “get back into blogging” and then….crickets.  I realize the importance of sharing content through this forum so I’m really going to make an effort.  Not that I think people want or necessarily care to hear my thoughts, but it helps me to stay abreast this social media landscape.  This post will give you an update to what has happened in the past year, so you can get a baseline of where I’m coming from.

I graduated (YAY!) with my Master’s in Public Relations and Communications from Georgetown University this past May.  Although I love D.C. and the people there, I wanted a change and a new challenge.  Still with my company, I accepted another position in New York City!  Everything has worked out perfectly with a place to live, friends, job and all in a new city – which I love.

So now that I’m done with school, I recognize that I need to be more proactive in educating myself with the changes in the industry – hence getting back into the blogging.  Hopefully this will also pose as a great way to network and meet people in NYC and the Northeast.  While I am physically located in New York, I do a lot of business in Boston and the Northeast so I welcome anyone who wants to connect or share thoughts in those regions. 

In thinking about the future of this blog and what I want it to emerge into, I’m thinking it will be a mix of industry (social, digital, emerging media) knowledge but also just living in New York and traveling around the Northeast.  I will share experiences, restaurants/bars that I like and why…. Oh, and I also might not be able to help share my thoughts on The Bachelor and American Idol…my apologies in advance.



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